7 tips to (finally) follow through on your new year’s resolutions

7 tips to (finally ) follow through on your new year's resolutions_HAC design
You’re all dressed up and got a glass of champagne in your hand. The new year is just about to begin. It’s a joy and anticipation in the eyes of everyone around you. while hearing the countdown in the background, you’re thinking  -This is gonna be the year I’ll make it, I’m ready!
A few weeks later the glitter is swept up (although leftovers are still popping up all the time!!), and the everyday life is back. The days are going by so fast that you don’t understand where January went. New years resolutions? What did I decide on this year?
If you recognize yourself in this (I know I do), know that you’re not alone. This is actually more the rule than the exception for most people. But ehy, it’s never too late, -no matter how far into the new year we have come. The first step is the desire to change something for the better, and the intention to carry out what gets you to that destination. Many are taking that first step in January. Buuut not as many continue to walk. One must also take the next step, naturally, but that’s also the most difficult one. If you’re one of those who collected every bit of willpower you had inside and actually managed to start (cred to you!), it can be challenging (..wanted to use a stronger word here) to keep it going. Other times we simply just forget it.
But don’t give up yet, ya hear me, ’cause I got some superpower-secrets I wanna share with you. This is for you who want 2017 to be the year you follow through! The year where your long time hopes and wishes, becomes a reality! But before we jump into how, I just have to remind you of something: you have to actually do the job (news flash).
Yes, it’s going to suck sometimes.
Yes, you are going to wanna give up many times.
And yes, you’re going to be so freaking happy that you hang in there when you see the results!!
And you know what? YOU CAN DO IT! Are you ready to begin?
1) Write it down
Regardless of whether you have many or just one goal, write it down. Preferably on a piece of paper you can hang up, so you are constantly reminded of it.
2) Focus on one goal at a time
If you have several New Year’s resolution (*high five*), it’s wise to focus on just one at a time. At least until you have incorporated a good routine and feel like you’ve got a good flow. New habits require restructuring. And if there are too many new things at once, it can feel like overload and it’s easier to give up. So don’t make it harder for yourself than necessary.
3) Remind yourself that you can do it
You may think this seems a bit silly, but it’s actually effective. You will probably (consciously and unconsciously) doubt whether you’re going to make it. A little power sentence can do the trick to keep up the motivation. Have the goal as a screensaver on your computer, as a welcome message on your phone, or create an alarm that goes off every day with the goal written in it. The possibilities are endless 🙂
4) Have sub-goals
It’s easier to take one small step than to run a marathon, right? Sometimes the finish line feels like really far away and you don’t really know where to begin. Then it’s tempting to give up before you even has begun. But if you divide the goal into smaller sub-goals, it does not seem so hopeless and it’s easier to start.
5) Give yourself a reward
For each sub-goals you accomplish, give yourself a little reward. You have come one step closer to where you want to be, and that’s a victory. It can be anything, like a day of rest, a massage appointment, or to do something you’ve wanted to do for a long time, anything really, you decide. A tip is to make a list of what you are going to give yourself as rewards for completed sub-goals even before you start. Then you have a motivation and something to look forward to.
6) Check off each day you complete
It gives a joy and satisfaction to check off each day you complete, and at the same time confirms that you can do this. And if you mess up a day, don’t be disappointed with yourself, it always takes time to incorporate a new habit. No stress, you just start again tomorrow. (But don’t let this become your new habit, hehe)
7) Make it a big deal when you hit your goal
If you’ve had the self discipline to keep going, you’re going to reach your goal. It’s actually IMPOSSIBLE not to do it, if you’ve followed the steps above. So when the day comes, when you stand there with a smile on your face and realize that you actually made it, make it a big deal. Don’t think this was something you supposed to to in a breeze or that other do this all the time. H*** no! This is something you have worked hard for, so take a moment to be proud, ’cause you earned it. Give yourself a reward to celebrate yourself. Many forget or skip this step, but it’s perhaps one of the most important ones! You have proven to yourself that you can achieve whatever you want. This empower you to make your next goal. And when it gets hard, remember back to the feeling you have right now 🙂
Which of the tips did you like the best? Write in the comments below!
And if you have other tips, pleace share them under!  

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