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You just made my day by stopping by, so hopefully, I can make yours a little better too 🙂 Give you some Jewelry Joy!!

Angelica_HAC design
I (Angelica Corneliussen), am educated in product design and photography. Making jewelry was actually never in my plans. -But life never turns out the way we think it will, right?
(love that, btw)

It all began the afternoon I decided to (finally) systematize the gigantic pile of photos on my computer and phone (you know, make tidy folders and stuff). This process made me aware of all the beautiful, unused images, that was just as hidden as they are forgotten! (Sounds familiar ..?!) And even though some photos have been placed in a frame, it’s limited how many nails I wanna put in the walls (if you rent, like me, you know how unpopular this can be).

But this little episode lit a spark of inspiration. How to display photos in other ways? Can I create a product based on photos? With this I started a journey of experimentation, testing various materials and techniques. And as time went by, I came closer and closer to the result I wanted. One day I was standing with a cast piece in my hand, felt the adrenaline pumping and thought “finally”! So I made one more, then another one, -and ended up making a jewelry collection. The result was beautiful, glass-like jewelry with embedded photographs. You can find the jewelry collection Shine here.

Snowflake Mandala from HAC design as seen in Color

The earrings Snowflake Mandala is featured in the book Color, which is now for sale on Amazon! Pretty cool, eh? 😀

I’m sure you also have some admirable photos that deserve attention. Therefore I wanna give you the opportunity as well to get your photos turned into jewelry, so they can be displayed in an original way. If this is something you would like to test, it’s more info about it here.

I also have other exciting jewelry collections on the way! If you wanna be notified (before anyone else!) when they’re coming, make sure to sign up here (then you’ll also get access to secret sales ++).

Let the outside reflect how unique you are on the inside!

YOUnique_HAC design

If you have questions, wishes or anything else, type me a message here!

Anyhow, happy to have you here 🙂

– Angelica

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