Color of the Year

For the first time ever it has been selected TWO colors as this year’s color!  These are Rose Quartz and Serenity.
Årets farge 2016: Rose Quartz Årets farge 2016: Serenity
When Pantone Color Institute selects the color of the year, they add emphasis on the emotional aspect of a color and that this should reflect our society. Since today’s society contains a lot of stress, there are many who seek toward a quieter interior and wellness. That was why the choice fell on Rose Quartz, with its warm and gentle pink tone that conveys compassion, and Serenity that gives a calming effect. Joined together, they reflect connection, wellness and peace.


Many will associate these colors with baby colors for boy and girl, but did you know that until about 1920 pink was the typical boy color and blue the typical girl color? According to Earnshaw’s Infants Department from 1918, pink was seen as a determined and strong color suited for boys, while blue was seen as a delicate and dainty color that matched girls.

To celebrate this year’s main colors I’ll give 16% discount to the jewelery with these colors; the bracelet A Rose By Any Other Name and the earrings Blowin ‘In The Wind, from January 16 to February 16 2016! Use the discount code: color of the year. If you register your email in the process, you get a total of 56% off!! THAT is what I call a good start to the year: 0)

What do you think about this year’s color(s)?

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