HAC design has been hacked!

HAC design’s website has been in a hack attack this past week.
The first time it was just the mobile version of the webpsite what was affected, but after getting this fixed, the site was attacked again a few days after. This time the data version of the website was affected as well and when visiting the page one was redirected to porn- or casino sites. Sorry to all of you who got these pages unexpectedly in the face!
It seems like we’ve now got it under control now, and I’m implementing many safety measures to prevent this from happening again.
Avisa Valdres has a story about me today to warn others about this, read the article here (in Norwegian) or under:
Angelica fra HAC design

Angry and frustrated: Angelica Corneliussen don’t understand how it’s possible to be so rude and ruining someone’s hard work. -The biggest fear is to lose everything I have and must do it all over again. (Photo: Ben Ormstad)
Website hacked
By Ivar Brynildsen – ivar.brynildsen@avisa-valdres.no
Published: Mars 02, 2017 08:22am
ØYSTRE SLIDRE: For exactly a week ago Avisa Valdres published an article about Kampenes Funeral Inland Fagernes who was hacked by Indian online pirates. Hackers got access to two computers and encrypted (locked) all the files, and required then money to decrypt them again.
Now there are reports from others who are being hacked.
Customers was redirected to pornsites
Last week I was going to my business site to update some content, and was redirected to a porn site! says Angelica Corneliussen, who runs HAC designs. – I found out that this only happened if I visited the webpage on my mobile, while it functioned normally through the computer, she says and explains that each time she tried to get into the side, she was redirected to different websites; sex or gambling related.
Added malicious code

– Luckily my fiance was able to find and delete all the files the hackers had posted, says Corneliussen. – After thoroughly searching I eventually found out that hackers had broken into the control panel of the server where her website “live.” From there, they got hold of .htaccess files, including configurable user access, file security and forwarding, the fiance Ben Ormstad explains. – Inside these files the hackers had programmed in long sequences of code that led to all visitors on the website via mobile was sent to alternative, “adult” sites.
Why do hackers hack?
– It could be a hundred reasons why hackers hack, everything from thrill-seeking, sense of control, or money, says Ormstad. – In this specific case, it’s likely that they have “affiliate” accounts in sex and gambling pages. They make money if people sign up. That way they can hack thousands of “ordinary” sites which will then forward all their customers to these alternative pages. Which potentially means that more people become members there, and the hackers earns money.
Online Security = Alfa Omega
– I knew ” it’s possible” to be hacked, and thought about it a few times, but mostly I assumed that it wasn’t going to happen to me. Now I will however do everything in my power to increase security to the maximum! concludes Corneliussen.
To website owners:
Do you or your company have a website, don’t try to save money by not spending it on network security – Get your developer to implement effective solutions. Have complex usernames and passwords; eg passwords that contain both uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as signs (!?$@<#, etc.). Search up info and learn more!


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