Happy NEW Year!

2016_HAC design
We’re almost two weeks into 2016 already, but the year is still out of the oven-fresh! Although every second is a new moment, I like the feeling of a new and unused year that January gives. An era of life is over, and a new is about to start. I tend to set aside some time in early January to reflect a bit about the last year; What made the year awesome? What challenges did I have, and what did I learn from them? What do I want more of? What do I want less of? And last, but not least; What can I do to make the coming year better than the last?
Something I started with last year, was to also put down goals. Not only New Year’s resolutions that are forgotten the same month, but specific, written goals with related actions to get me there. One of my main goals for 2015 was to make an online shop for HAC design, and I made it just in time!! 🙂 There were several goals I didn’t reach in 2015, but I expected I probably wasn’t going to reach them. So why I put up those who seemed unrealistic? Because by seeing the ambitious targets beside the more realistic, they became more real. Instead of thinking about them and laugh while thinking -yeah, that would have been great! I thought -yeah, that would have been great, what can I do to get there? So even though I didn’t reach every goal this year, I’m on my way. So many of the goals are coming with me into this year as well (and some will probably follow me for many years). One of the goals I’ll keep this year is focus. I’m really bad at this. When I’m supposed to do something, I often end up doing four to five completely different things instead. Not efficient :0)


I have many new jewelery collections buzzing around in my head, so now I’m gonna sit down and make a focus plan for the coming year. It remains to see if I remember to follow it 😉


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