I’ve been interviewed by the newspaper Avisa Valdres

Yesterday I had a full page in the newspaper Avisa Valdres. Happy for the PR 😉

Read the interview below the picture!

Interview in the newspaper Avisa Valdres_HAC design

Angelica has started the online store “HAC design,” where she sells photo jewelry.
RYFOSS: Angelica Corneliussen has always loved making things. A loose plan, with ideas added in the making. After taking a bachelor’s degree in product design, she also got an photographer education. In the jewlery collection “Shine” she has used all of her education.
Show Your Photos
– Many have photos on their phone, which only stays there. I’ve been thinking a long time about how to display photos in other ways besides just hanging them on a wall. Slowly a jewelry collection took form, says Angelica, who comes from Larvik. She and her fiancé, Ben Ormstad, moved from Oslo to Ryfoss for two and a half years ago. They sought peace and quiet to work on their creative projects, and the couple are each other’s main backers. The rabbit, who have access to most of the living room floor, has settled under the furniture. – It’s nice to have animals. They are so trusting and gives a lot of enjoyment.
When Angelica works creatively, she often has four to five projects running simultaneously. I wanted the photos to be show as clear as possible. It was a long process before I was satisfied with the results. Now I work with liquid plastic. Inside this cast I photo, and then this must cure a few days. I have tried out various types of design, before I decided on the final design. These I am very satisfied with, the designer shows off a pair of earrings in oblong shape – with a beautiful photo of branches. She has several jewelery series she’s currently working on, one in polished metal, one in combination cast – and metal, and one with molten glass.
Before Christmas Angelica started her online store and both sales and the feedback has been great.
Inspired by nature
-The shapes in nature inspires me as a photographer. I also work a lot with the photos in Photoshop.
If people have a favorite photo that they want as a jewel, either ring, bracelet, earrings or necklace, don’t hesitate to contact me. I dedicate three weeks on a special order, says Angelica Corneliussen.
Special orders
Her jewelry is special and personal. They are great as a gift for Mother’s Day, confirmations, birthdays and more.
Should the designer describe her own jewelry, she will use words like cool and original. You’re guaranteed that no one else comes with just this jewelry at a party.
– It’s a little scary to expose and showcase my work. But I’ve gotten very positive feedback. It gives a good feeling and inspiration to move forward. The dream is to follow my own path and work on this full time, says Angelica Corneliussen.


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