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Today I’m on the front page of www.langsveien.no! Read the article under the photo, or here (in norwegian)
Bilde av Angelica (HAC design), fra artikkel i langsveien.no

Texst: Roy Myrland

spring is on it’s way and for many that means time to provide confirmation gifts. A great gift can be one of Angelicas (pictured above) jewelry. Her unique gifts have meaning and can be very personal. She says: I wanted to find new ways to show photos, by creating unique jewelry from them. I also want to give others the opportunity to get jewelry made out of their own personal photos – as well as ready-made designs. In her shop, www.hacdesign.com, new jewelry collections are on the way.
Angelica tells the online newspaper Langsveien.no about positive feedback from people who think the idea is original, and it’s extra fun that that it’s possible to get jewelry with their own images. The feedback in HAC design’s inbox indicates that the customers find the jewelrys are nice looking and of good workmanship.
Lastly Angelica tells about her further design and store plans. -New collections of other materials such as metal, glass and synthetic leather are comming, and I look forward to continuing making jewelry. And remember -the jewelry designer welcomes your photos to make a truly unique jewelry out of it to you or yours!
Check out the selection at www.hacdesign.com, or contact her if you have any photos that you want to be made into jewelry.

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