Valentine’s Day

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Today it’s Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day at the time. Most of us think it’s nice to have a day that’s honoring all the moms out there, while Valentine’s Day, however, is both loved and hated. Many believe the day is only a pretext by the commercial community to monetize, in line with the buying pressure. And money they receive; in 2015 Valentine’s Day products were traded for almost 30,5 million dollars in Norway alone, and in the USA 17 billions!!

Who that has the origin of the day is a bit uncertain, but candidates are: the goddess Juno, who represented women and marriage, associated with the Lupercaliafestival, a fertility celebration that began on February 15th. It may also be some Christian saints named Valentine or Valentinus. The last candidate is a bishop named Valentine who was imprisoned because he baptize soldiers and didn’t renouncing his Christianity. Before he was executed, Valentin had written a farewell letter to his beloved Julia and signed “…from your Valentine” (I keep a button on the last one ..) Not really important, but hey, now you know 🙂

To buy or not to buy, the choice is yours. The day is meant as a celebration of love, and love is free. Remember that time is worth more than money, and isn’t quality time together the best present you can give and receive? Especially in our busy lifes, it’s so easy that time flies us by and/or we take each other for granted. So even if it’s a day dedicated to love, we don’t have to do anything of course, but isn’t it a nice excuse? 😉

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