Your Photos

Your an awesome person. And an awesome person shouldn’t wear boring jewelry, that’s just..boring!
So I want to offer you something no one else has.

Whether you have some cool Instagram photos you wanna show off in an original way or have a photo close to your heart, I can transform them into a unique jewelry made just for you!
The photo jewels are also perfect as personal birthday gifts, Christmas gifts or other special occasions. Since they come in a pretty jewelry box, they’re ready to be given away! (…if you keep it, I won’t tell).
The photo can be of anything as long as it’s not copyrighted or offensive.

This is how you get it:

1)  Go to Products and choose the category you want.

2)  Click on the product you want designed for, then press the arrow next to Product Options and choose Your Photo.

3)  Press purchase, and go to the Checkout page when you’re done shopping.

4)  After the purchase, you will receive an email from me with instructions on how to send me your photo.

5)  I receive the photo, make the jewelry and send it to you. *happydance*


If you have any questions, just write me some lines here and I’ll be really happy to answer you 🙂


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